Participation à la 35e édition du congrès SMAAR - 2023

We are honored to have participated in the 35th edition of the Congress of the Moroccan Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Critical Care #SMAAR held from December 13 to 16, 2023, in #Marrakech

The interaction with our distinguished healthcare partners, including eminent professors, experienced physicians, and promising resident doctors, proved to be a rewarding experience.

During this prestigious event, we had the opportunity to enthusiastically showcase our advanced solutions in anesthesia and ICU. Our patient monitors #Biolight and Anesthesia & ICU ventilators #Prunus garnered attention, illustrating our dedication to innovation and excellence in the medical field. We extend profound gratitude to our partners for their distinguished presence and unwavering support @Prunus @Biolight .

This collaboration strengthens our collective commitment to advancing healthcare in Morocco.

=> At Metec Diagnostic, we remain resolute in providing cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the enhancement of medical practices.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making our participation a memorable and fruitful experience.

Congratulations to the SMAAR members, especially Dr. @Jamal Eddine Kohen for the success of this event.


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