Echographe portable SonoBook 8

Fabricant : CHISON

A compact color doppler system with splendid performance and providing solutions with instant response. Features Cardiovascular

  • Instant response.
  • Innovative transducer technologies are used for extraordinary cardiac performance.
  • Comprehensive cardiac measurement packages: Stress Echo, Auto IMT, Semi-automatic Simpson measurement, PISA, and etc.
  • User-definable cardiac measurement workflow.
  • Comprehensive range of probes for cardiac scanning: TEE, Pencil & Phased array. Radiology  Efficient workflow to meet different environment.
  • Real-time curved panoramic imaging.  
  • Advanced technologies: Q-beam
  • Q-flow, Q-image, FHI, X-contrast.
  • Extraordinary performance for easy diagnosis.  
  • Probes: Convex, Linear, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Micro-Convex, etc. Women’s Healthcare
  • Auto-trace measurement
  • for breast lesions and follicles.
  • Quantitative elastography analysis for breast.
  • IVF procedures: Multiple follicles report, dedicated EPU kit.
  •  Auto NT measurement, 4D, virtual HD
  • Depth view for OB, etc.
  • Multi-slice imaging for detailed diagnosis of fetal defections.
  • Probes: Convex, 4D, Linear, Wide angle transvaginal (up to 210°), High density probe. Anaesthesia Superior anesthesia performance.
  • Super Needle visualize the needle better without degrading the image.
  • 2D steer.
  • Multi zoom function for tiny structures, full screen to enlarge the image area.
  • Probe: 192 elements linear, 23MHz high frequency probe, Button-probe,Single crystal